DIY Diffuser Necklace

Introduction: DIY Diffuser Necklace

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I love my essential oil diffuser necklace! There are so many possibilities, from a simple locket to a fashionable necklace with added charm. Not only do they accessorize any outfit, but you get the aromatic benefits of essential oils at the same time. This project all depends on how crafty and creative you are. I am sharing how you can turn any locket into a diffuser necklace. Maybe you have an antique locket passed down in your family, found one at a garage sale, or bought one new. Any of these will work! For the more crafty people, you can add beads, charms, chains, rings, etc to your existing necklace.

What you need:

A locket necklace (preferably something with openings like this one)

Cotton fabric or leather sheet (you can find these at a craft store - or you can buy them ready to go)

Essential Oils

Directions: Figure out the size of the inside of your locket. I was able to do this easily but trying out different coins to see which one fit the best. I then traced the coin onto the cotton or leather sheet. Cut out the circles and use one "pad" at a time inside your locket. Add your favorite essential oils to the pad and switch pads whenever you switch to a different essential oil or blend. I usually add about 3 drops of essential oils, depending on the scent or how strong it is.

My favorite essential oils for my diffuser necklace are Stress Away, Citrus Fresh and Joy! Stress Away keeps me calm and relaxed and the scent is my absolute favorite! Citrus Fresh is very citrus-y and I love the refreshing scent. Joy is very uplifting with a romantic and flowery scent.

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