Introduction: DIY Diffuser Using Old Vaporizer

Hello there!

Today I will teach you how to make a Diffuser with your old medical Vaporizer.

Well aromatherapy is a key in improving the mind and the soul. We always want a substitute which can be efficient, cheap and long lasting.


* Oil water Diffuser - For aromatherapy

* Scented Vaporizer - for medicinal and nausea clearing

* Room Humidifier - for humidifying the room and body cleanser


Well this DIY Diffuser is cheaper than the market bought one. It will be pocket, health and mind friendly! :)

Cost of Market bought Diffuser - $25-30/varies

DIY Diffuser - $10-15

So you save up to 10 to 15 USD depending on the model and the cost of your vaporizer.

In India, a vaporizer cost around Rs 750 (around $10) and a diffuser cost Rs 3000 (around 43 dollars)

Step 1: Materials Required :

1 Old Medical Vaporizer with the facial opening throttle

1 Lava stone Pebble

A small Piece of Vaporizer

100 ml of water

1 beaker

Essential oils (I am using lavender)

Assorted Flowers (You can use sandalwood also and as well as rose. I am using Rose and Night Flowering Jasmine)

Step 2: Experimenting With Different Oils

1.First take the beaker and fill 100 ml of water (3/4 of your vaporizer's capacity.)

2.Add the essential oils in the water.

3.And make sure that the flower/natural seed/fruit you are using is aromatic and it does not overpower your essential oil. We will be using the flower or the natural specimen after wards.

Here are some good combos of oils and the natural substance:


Lavender Rosemary/ Fresh or night Flowering Jasmine = Sweet

Jasmine Sandalwood = Heavenly (Signature smell of Indian Temples)

Eucalyptus Fresh Mint = Nausea clearing

Lemon grass Spear Mint= Fresh

Lavender Rose = Bliss

Step 3: Joining Together

4. Pour the scented water into the vaporizer.

5. Close it . Add a small square of foil smaller than the mouth of the vaporizer.

6. Put the stone above it .

7. Add the flowers.

And you have it!

Step 4: VOILA! You Made It...

Well, you made it!

Switch it on and it will scent your home like heaven. Though it needs refilling of scented water every 30-45 minutes it works very well...

It will work as a humidifier, cleanser and diffuser all 3 in one!

So, Don' Forget to Scent your Life!

Thank you!

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