Introduction: DIY Digital Clock

Looking for a way to tell the time in a clock-less room, or just an easy, fun electronics project? Go no further!


- KKmoon DIY digital clock kit
- Pencil-tip soldering iron
- Thin, rosin-core solder
- CR1220 battery

Step 1: Buying the Kit

After thorough research, I decided to purchase the KKmoon clock kit for my electronics project. It has plenty of cool features, including temperature display, a speaker, and a cool glass case. It's also very straightforward to complete for anyone with decent soldering ability, and you are able to choose one of four or five color LED's (I chose green).


Step 2: Assembly

Begin installing all of the different parts. Make sure to follow the directions, and look up pictures any time you are confused. I recommend soldering the speaker on the same side as you solder the digital tube. Before putting on the tubes, make sure that every joint has sufficient solder and that there are no short circuits. Lastly, assemble the glass case. Peel off the brown film and use the screws and nuts to connect the sides. I recommend putting on the front piece last.

Step 3: Programming

After completing assembly (and before putting the clock into the case), install the IC's, place the battery in the snap (I bought an Energizer CR1220), and use the provided USB cable to plug into a power source. To program the clock, simply follow the steps on the directions sheet. They get a little wordy, but if done carefully it will be fine. Once you've set up all the functions, your clock is complete!

Here's a video that may help with the process: