Introduction: DIY Disney's Cinderella Wishing Jar

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I've seen wishing jars and dream jars online and I thought they were really cute to make for yourself or as a gift to someone. But me being me, I decided to add a bit of Disney magic to it and make it a Cinderella inspired wishing jar! I decided to choose the quote "A dream is a wish your heart makes" because it could also be used as a dream jar and not just a wishing jar and it's also a famous Disney lyric. This is a really simple DIY to make so here's how to make it.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make this jar here's what you will need!

- A clean jar and a lid (I recommend a jar with a straight body because it's harder to paint on odd shaped jars)

- Paint colours of your choice (I used blue and white to make a nice light blue)

- Paint brushes (some fine ones and a big one if you will be painting the lid)

- Glitter (this is optional as i wanted to add glitter to my lid and my Cinderella silhouette)

Note - If you are using glitter, you will need something to hold the glitter to the jar like some clear spray paint or mod podge or even clear nail polish.

Step 2: Template

Here's the template for the design I used for my jar! Your jar might have different measurements so you may need to change the size. You can also make your own design and use a different quote, feel free to do whatever you want on your jar! I just recommend to not use something difficult with lots of fine lines as it could be hard to trace over them.

Step 3: Let's Start by Painting the Lid!

1. First I placed newspaper all over my table so no paint would get on it when painting.

2. Take your lid of the jar.

3. Mix your paint till you like the colour or if you have a solid colour already, pour some on a dish or palette.

4. Paint your lid all over making sure it's all covered.

5. If you are using glitter, pour some on the wet paint. If not, let your lid dry.

6. This is my final lid, I placed a coat of clear spray paint on it afterwards to hold the glitter in place.

Yay! Your lid is now finished.

Step 4: Getting Your Template Ready

1. Measure the height of your jar (mine was around 10 cm).

2. Measure the circumference of your jar (mine was around 24 cm).

3. Get your measurements of your jar and adjust the template so it fits your jar.

4. Print it out, cut it out and stick it to the inside of your jar.

Make sure that you make your template smaller on the sides than your jar so you will be able to see the pattern properly (my jar's circumference was around 24 cm but my template was around 15 cm).

Step 5: Let's Paint the Jar!

1. Prepare your paint the same way you did for the lid.

2. Using your fine tip paintbrush, paint over the template.

3. Paint over the silhouette if you are using one.

4. If you are using glitter, pour some on the wet paint of the area you want it to go on. I put mine only on the silhouette. If you don't want to use glitter, let your paint dry. Once again, I sprayed some clear spray paint on my jar later on.

Step 6: Now You Can Start Making Wishes!

Now all you need to do is remove the template inside your jar to see your beautiful wishing jar! You can write your wishes down on a piece of paper, fold it up and place it in the jar! That's how you make your Cinderella inspired wishing jar! Thanks for viewing!