Introduction: DIY Distortion Less LIFI Speaker

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Today, in this instructable i am going to show you how to make LiFi speaker i.e. uses light to transfer less then 30 minutes. This instructable consist entire detail like design procedure, circuit diagram, and description.

Step 1: Electronics Part

- 4.7 KΩ Resistor 3 Pieces

- 1 KΩ Resistor 3 Pieces

- 2.2 µF, 25V Electrolytic capacitor 3 Pieces

- BC337 NPN Transistors 3 Piece

- 1W White LED 1 Piece

- 9V Battery 1 Piece

- 3V, 200mA solar panel 1 Piece

- Audio female jack 1 Piece

- Any speaker with inbuilt amplifier 1 Piece

- Jumper

- 1 Project board

Step 2: Transmitter Circuit

Transmitter circuit is basically a threes stage common emitter amplifier.

You can distortion and increase of working range by increasing number of stage of amplifier.

The audio jack output of mobile phone is connected with the Li-Fi transmitter and here, audio signals are simultaneously converted into light signals which are transmitted by the LED in the Li-Fi transmitter circuit and received by the Li-Fi speaker as light signals.

Step 3: Receiver Circuit

The receiver circuit is made up of solar cell array to trap light signals.

The 3V, 200mA solar panel generates an output which is then fed as input to the audio port of the speaker as input.

I had used 3.5 mm female audio socket to establish the connection.

Step 4: All Done

Hope this project will help you.If you have any queries or want more awesome project please visit.

Step 5: Making Video

Step 6: