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Introduction: DIY Distressed Jeans

When you buy your normal jeans, you pay a fine amount for it. But when you go for ripped jeans, the price tag shows you double the amount of the normal ones. Difference between the jeans: One is torn and the other it fine. This DIY will show you how to convert your normal jeans into distressed jeans for free

Step 1: Materials Required

- Jeans(old or NEW)
- A wooden Block
- Sandpaper
- Scissors
- Pencil

Step 2: Pencil Works

Take your pencil and draw lines on the places where you would like to rip it.

Step 3: Scraping Time!

Now place the wooden block beneath the jeans and start scraping the jeans on the line.

Step 4: Different Designs

Try different designs and textures on your jeans.

Step 5: Scissor Works

You can use your scissors to cut off the thread that hangs out.

Step 6: The End + Tips

And now your Distressed Jeans are ready!

- You can also use some bleach around the cuts to make it look better.
- Hang chains on the jeans to make it look more aggressive!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    You need scissors and pencils to wear out your jeans? I just play with knives and fall down a lot (usually not at the same time).