DIY Dog Food Dispenser



Introduction: DIY Dog Food Dispenser

Leaving your dog for an afternoon? A day? A week?

There comes opportunities wherein we have to leave our ball of sunshine (aka our dog) home for a couple of hours to days. The problem is, who will feed our dog then?

I have come up with a personal solution through this DIY Dog Food Dispenser. Not only has it solved my dog feeding problem but it has the potential to solve yours too! (Also, this serves as an upcycling opportunity. :) )

If you own a dog with the following characteristics, then this project is perfect for you:

  1. Small to medium size
  2. Enough discipline to eat only when hunger arises
  3. No bad chewing habits

Let's start creating!

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

  • scissors or cutter
  • knife and fire (for cutting through tough materials)
  • 1-4 sheets of newspaper or used paper
  • super glue
  • old cylindrical container (I used a medium Stick-O™ jar!)
  • two relatively flat containers of the same kind (I used two Yoplait™ containers)
  • (optional) small ~3-inch-deep cylindrical lid

Step 2: Make the Food Storage Opening

Heat the end of the knife by placing the tip directly on the fire (of a stove, candle, or lighter). When the tip is heated, cut a ~2x5 rectangle near the base of the cylindrical container. The knife will cut through the plastic much easier with heat.

Step 3: Next, the Feeding Compartment!

Take one of the flatter containers and cut a hole almost the size of the cylindrical container's base. We want a snug fit so adjust the size of the hole depending on the materials you are using. TIP: Start with a small hole and test the fit. Extend the size of the hole accordingly.

Step 4: Create the Mouth of the Feeder

Create the mouth of your feeder by taking the other "flat" container and cutting it into two, as seen in the image above. You can experiment with the groove of the mouth, but if you wish to play safe, just divide the container into two equal parts.

Step 5: Attach the Parts

Insert the cylinder into the hole you cut in earlier. Then, attach the mouth of the feeder to the rest of the parts using super glue.

Step 6: (Optional) Add a Stand

Cut a groove on the small cylindrical lid such that the opening could be attached to the bottom of the feeder (as seen in the second image) perfectly.

Use superglue to attach the stand.

Step 7: Paint Your Dog Feeder

Once fully assembled, spray paint your dog feeder with any color of your choice. Avoid coloring the inside of the mouth feeder. After painting, allow the paint to fully dry and set for 5-7 days.

TIP: Coat the feeder with several (2-4) thin layers of paint. Don't get too excited. During this step, patience is key!

Step 8: Fill With Food

Get some dog food kibbles and store inside the dog feeder.

Step 9: Aaaaand Serve

Feed your dog with your very own DIY dog food dispenser. Congratulations on your new creation!

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