Introduction: DIY Dog Storage Box

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I made this DIY Dog Storage Box for the dog contest that is currently running here on Instructables,I wanted to do something different and not just your average box so I made a box that looks like Chase my new puppy!

I made a video of the project with some quick instructions on the build in!This is a simple project that you could also do with handtools.

You will need:

  • 2x W 7 1/2"x L7 1/2" boards 3/4" thick these are the box ends
  • 1x W7 1/2" x L12 1/2" board 3/4" thick for the lid
  • 1x W7 1/2" x L 11" board 3/4" thick for the base
  • 2 pieces of plywood W 9 1/2" x L15" for the sides
  • You will need different size pieces of plywood for the legs head and tail depending on what size dog you want to make but for the jack russel i make another scrap piece of ply 10"x15" would be plenty.
  • Also 4 small pieces of wood to act as support for the tail and head i used scrap 1"x1" and 2"x1"
  • 1 piece of old dog lead or webbing to make a handle I used an 8" piece.

Step 1: Cut Out the Parts

  • Use a glue stick to glue your paper template to your ply wood
  • I drew my template freehand but you could also download a template online
  • Cut out the various parts on a scroll saw or with a fret saw
  • You will be left with 4legs, a head, 2 ears and the tail

Step 2: Join the Base & Sides of the Box

  • Drill pilot Holes in the end pieces of the box use a clamp to keep the base aligned
  • Glue and screw the box together i used 3.5x40mm screws
  • When both the end pieces are joined to the base used wood filler to cover the holes.
  • This is the main center piece of the box
  • The piece of pine left over from the cut list that is 7 1/2" x 12 1/2" is the lid that will go on top of this center part.

Step 3: Cut Out & Add the Sides to the Center of the Box

  • Trace the outline of the center of the box on your plywood
  • Draw an outline that is wider than the center of your box
  • Then use double sided tape to hold the two pieces of plywood together while you cut it out.
  • The 2 side pieces will act as the dogs body and you will not see the square shape of the inner box when looking from side on.
  • Drill pilot holes and screw and glue the plywood sides to the box

Step 4: Add the Legs Tail & Head

  • Glue and Clamp the ears to the dog head
  • Place the box on a level surface and add the legs using some small screws and glue,make sure the box is stable and will not wobble.
  • Dill 2 pilot holes from the inside of the box into the tail then glue and screw 2 pieces of waste wood either side of the tail for extra support
  • Add the head in the same manner

Step 5: Paint the Box & Add Your Dogs Markings

  • Draw an outline of the dogs body and paint it the colour of your dog
  • All other areas should be painted black to give the impression the dog is standing up.
  • Add any distinctive markings your dog has using a permanent marker if the dogs markings are black.
  • Chase has one black spot near his tail and one around his eye so this was easy for me.

Step 6: Use Old Lead for a Handle

  • I used a piece of an old dog lead as a handle.
  • I cut the lead to the proper size for my hand and used 2 screws at each end to hold it on.

Step 7: Finished!!

This was a really fun project and there is lots of room in the box for all Chase's stuff, you can also put your dogs spare collars and lead around the neck of the box.Please vote for me in the dog contest!

I made a video for my YouTube channel BCDesign please watch it, thumbs up,comment and share if you like it!!

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