Introduction: DIY: Dollar Store Skull Makeover

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Hey, y'all! I hope everyone out there is staying healthy and safe in these crazy times we're living in. I was wandering around the local Dollar Tree recently and I stumbled upon these plastic skulls they have every year-and I thought to myself, "How can I make them look better?" I don't have anything against how they look as they are in the store, but I just wanted to make them over a bit-and show y'all how I did it. So, let's get started! :D

For this lovely DIY, you'll need:

-Plastic skulls


- Paint (cream, white, and black)

-Mod Podge

-Clear acrylic sealer

-Paint brushes

Step 1: Roughin' It

It's not just for those who camp anymore! :D


Grab your sandpaper and your skull and rough him up enough so your paints stick.

Step 2: You Look Like You Saw a Ghost!

Who you gonna call? ;) #ghostbusters #somethingstrangeintheneighborhood

Now grab your brushes and your cream paint and go over your skull. I only painted the front half because I'm gluing mine in silk flowers, but if you plan to use them in a centerpiece or something else, go ahead and paint the whole skull. I painted three layers for maximum coverage. Let it dry thoroughly between coats.

Step 3: I Will Stare Into Your Soul...

Now grab the fine brush and paint in the eye sockets and the nasal cavity. Then grab your white paint and carefully go over the teeth. Let dry completely.

Step 4: I See You! ;)

Now grab your Mod Podge and paint your skull, and let dry completely. Then grab your sealer and seal your skull up. Voila, you're finished! :D

As always, thank you for checking this DIY out! I'd love to see your skull makeovers! If you recreate them, just hit the "I Made It!" button and I'll check them out!

Have a safe Halloween, y'all. I know it's going to look different this year (Thanks a lot, COVID-19) but I hope y'all will be able to have a little fun anyway. We deserve it. Stay healthy and safe, y'all!

Also, I want to apologize for the not so great photos in this DIY. I really need to get a new camera. LOL

Once I do, I'll take new photos.