Introduction: DIY Door Letter | Easy DIY Room Decor | DIY Christmas Presents

It's almost Christmas and I really wanted to create these series of Last minute DIY Christmas presents Instructables to give you ideas for unique personalised DIY Christmas gifts as well as Easy DIY room decor.

You can easily create cheap DIY Christmas presents that are expensive looking and more importantly have that touch of uniqueness about them. It's lovely to make personalized gifts! You can make cool DIY gifts for friends, family or your other half and show them that you actually care! :)

I really hope you find them useful and that they give you some inspiration for making DIY Christmas presents and Easy DIY room decor. :) I still think the best Christmas presents are the ones you make yourself anyway! :) Besides this pretty door initial letter is so adorable and will fit anyones room decor! :)

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Step 1: You Can Watch My Video Tutorial Here or Read Written Instructions in the Next Steps. or Both :)

Step 2: Sketch, Cut, Glue

Sketch your letter on a piece of foam board and cut it out. Then trace around the cutout and cut another layer of the same shape. I was doing it in sections and then glued them together, but I would recommend you cutting the letter as a whole piece, it will look better at the end. So once you have it cut, use glue stick to stick the layers together. I only did two layers, but if you want your letter to be thicker, then add more layers.

Step 3: Fabric

Iron your fabric before you do any of the following steps :)

Then make cuts around the corners to make it easier to fold and also it will make the folds less bulky. By the way I used some glue stick to stick the fabric on the front of the letter to hold it in place while I glued the edges of the fabric using all purpose glue(superglue).

Step 4: Almost Finished

Apply some hot glue to the sides and attach your ribbon. Do one bit at the time.

To hide the messy back, I cut another letter out of some card stock and using glue stick for most of the back and some all purpose glue for the edges, stick the card to the back of your letter.

To be able to attach it to your door or wall, you can either use double sided tape, or some blue tack. The letter is super light, so even blue tack will hold it, plus it's less permanent.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Cut a rectangular shape out of some acetate(or whatever shape will suit your letter) and apply some superglue onto the long sides, leaving the short sides clear. Stick it to the front and then apply some hot glue just underneath of the acetate and attach a piece of ribbon onto it. The glue will spread onto the acetate as well as staying on the fabric, which will hold it in place a lot better. Repeat this process for the top.

Then I cut a small triangular shape on the short edge to be able to put in and remove my note easier, but of course if you do this, try to do it before you stick the acetate on :)

Get a piece of card and write whatever your heart desires :)

The End...


Step 6: You Can Also Watch a Video Tutorial Here If You Like :)

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