Introduction: DIY Door Sensor for Security Using ESP8266

Secure your home using a Smart door sensor completely design using open source technologies.

In this video, we will make a device that will detect whether the door is open or close and sens the information to your smartphone using the BLYNK server, with this system you can provide security to your home from burglary.


Hardware Required:

Nodemcu -1 nos.

Magnetic door sensor - 1 Nos.

Breadboard - 1 Nos.

Buzzer -1 Nos.

Resistor 1k - 2 nos.

BC548 Transistor - 1 nos.

Red Led - 1 Nos.

Green Led - 1 Nos.

Jumper Wire M/M - 1 Nos.

MicroUSB Data cable -1 nos.

Software Required:

Arduino IDE - Download

Blynk App - Install

Step 1: Make a Circuit on Breadboard

Follow the circuit diagram to create a circuit on a breadboard.

Note:For connection used GPIO pin number instead of the digital pin number.

Important connections:




Download Schematic and Eagle project file:

Step 2: Setup the Blynk App

Install the Blynk app and sign up.

Click on the scan icon in the upper right corner and scan the QR code above.

For complete detail, the procedure follows the video tutorial above.

Step 3: Download the Arduino Code

Download the Arduino code below.