DIY Dot Mandala Art on Plates

Introduction: DIY Dot Mandala Art on Plates

About: Hi all This is Maria Rose. I do Nail art, Mehendi, Quilling and now hopped onto Dot painting. I make tutorials on youtube. Please SUBSCRIBE if you like my content. :)

In this tutorial I will be sharing pattern for DIY Dot Mandala art for Plates. These plates can be used as wall decor ideas or table decor ideas that would add lots of color and character to the place. Follow through my tutorial to create this piece of art and enjoy.


Colors used:

Fevicryl Black for base Fevicryl - Vermilion, Teal Blue Little Birdie Matt Chalk paint - White, Mango Crush Little Birdie Acrylic pouring paint - Sky delight, Pink Tango


Nail art styllus and quilling needle

Step 1: Marking Grid Lines

Trace the plate on to paper and fold it. Once folded cut the corners. This way we can find the centers and corners. Place on top of the plate and mark it. This way we will have four quadrants and each quadrants will have 2 equal portioning. Later I portioned 2 more equally using protracter.

This way we will have 4 portions

Step 2: Making Main Circle Pattern - 1

Draw circle across the whole plate 1 cm wide apart first circle being 2 cm apart from the centre.

Place the centre dot in yellow and make 5 round of placing dots ranging from white color to blue color. Surround the last round of dots with tiny yellow color dots. Then make tiny swooshes with blue color and place Vermillion dots in the next round.

Connect the vermillion dots with triangle/star shaped dots. Then make star shaped structure in the similar way but bigger in size. Fill the star shaped structure with tiny blue dots
Fill the space in the star shape with tear dot shape. Then decorate around tear drop shape with swooshes. Then line two rows with pink color dots

Step 3: Making Elongated and Plumpy Petals

In the next round place bigger vermillion dots and make elongated petals in each partition

Once petals are done place 2 swooshes in the bottom of the petal

In the gap available between the petals make diamond shape structure.

Close this whole petal structure with rounded swooshes

Continue doing the petal structure in the next row

Place 1 swoosh in the bottom of the petal structure and 2 swooshes covering the whole petal. Make triangle structure between the gaps. Fill the triangle shape with blue and white dots

Create plumpy petals now. Finish off the petals with one swooshes

Then finish off with pointy swooshes

Step 4: Designing the Rim of the Plate

Make 5 rows of alternate pink dots with various sizes. Then place single vermillion dots and make petals. Between the petal make single swoosh with same vermillion

Mandala plate is completed. Spray varnish with Brustro gloss varnish to give glossy finish

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