DIY Dremel Tool Made of PVC Pipe

Introduction: DIY Dremel Tool Made of PVC Pipe

While I have a real rotary tool and find it very useful, sometimes you just need a low powered tool for small and light work, such as polishing stuff.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools Needed:

Drill Press

Drill Bits

Drill press vise

Pipe cutter

Bench vise

Soldering iron

Wire cutter

Wire stripper

Materials Needed:

3/4" PVC pipe

3/4" PVC elbow (slip X thread)

3/4" PVC slip cap

Push on push off switch



DC motor with a 26mm outside diameter

6 volt AC adapter

Step 2: Electrical

Cut off the power jack on the end of your AC adapter. Connect one wire directly to the motor and the other to the switch, then the motor.

Step 3: Case

I made a case for my Dremel tool out of some PVC pipe and fittings to make it a little nicer. Each motor and switch is different, so I cannot give you exact instructions. I found that my motor fits perfectly in a 3/4" threaded pipe socket, and I used an elbow to make it like an angle grinder. The switch is in the back,

Step 4: Use It!

The mini Dremel tool we made can be used to drill holes in plastic and soft wood. You can also cut and carve these materials. The steel tip is also good for removing dirt from metal objects. To use the Dremel, turn off the switch and plug the Dremel's AC adapter in. Turn on the Dremel and start using it! Make sure to wear eye protection.

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    5 years ago

    How do you connect the drill bits to the motor shaft?