Introduction: DIY Drill Charging Station & Organizer

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This drill charging station is great to implement some shop organization!

Link to full detailed build plans - Drill Charging Station Plans

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YouTube channel - walkers woodworks

Instagram - @Walkers_woodworks


Tools used in this build: (includes affiliate links)

Amana Tool mini round over bit -

Amana Tool Flush trim bit -

Amana Tool Mamba 50T Blade -

Amana Tool AGE 80T Blade -

Titebond 3 -

GRK Cabinet Screws -

GRK Mounting Screws -

Kreg K4 Jig -

Kreg Screws -

Empire Speed Square -

Milwaukee Tape Measure -

Ridgid Miter saw -

Delta Table saw -

Dust Mask -

Bessy Clamp -

Glu Bot -

Spray Laquer -

Makita Drill and impact -

Dewalt Trim Router -

Step 1: Cutting Material and Drilling Pocket Holes

The detailed step by step plans I have available give all the measurements to cut each piece for this project.

I started out by cutting all my pieces to size over at the table saw.

Then once I had everything cut I started drilling a few evenly spaced pocket holes in: The top and bottom of the sides, Top and bottom of the two upper vertical dividers, Both ends of the horizontal dividers.

All of the vertical lower dividers get pocket holes on the top to attach them to the bottom of the lower horizontal divider. The bottom caps will be fastened by screws driven up from The underside

Step 2: Assembly

Using 1 1/4” Pocket hole screws attach the sides to the top.

Using the two vertical dividers as spacers, Attach the upper horizontal divider.

Use the bottom vertical dividers to space out the lower horizontal divider from the bottom and attach it to the sides.

Step 3: Assembly Continued

Starting from the left side space the lower vertical dividers out 5” from the side and leaving 5” between each one. Repeat 5X.

Install the upper vertical dividers to the top and the upper horizontal divider

On the right side attach the larger bottom cap using 1 1/2” cabinet screws.

Attach the rest of the bottom caps the same way.

Step 4: Final Assembly and Trimming

Use a small round over bit on your router or hand sand all the sharp edges.

Attach the back panel with brad nails or screws and then flush trim if needed.

Step 5: Adding Nailers

This would have been better if I had thought ahead of time and attached these before the back and hid the pockets.

Drill pocket holes in each end and along one long side of your nailers to attach them to the sides and top.

Attach the nailers to the inside of the cabinet with pocket screws.

Step 6: Install Time!

Find studs to mount to, clamp a level on top, Pre drill the nailers and attach the cabinet to the wall with 3” screws. I used 3 per nailer.

I drilled a couple holes in the bottom horizontal divider for cords to pass through.

Lastly (this is optional) To cover up the pocket holes and mounting screws in the nailers I cut pieces of 1/4” ply and attached them over the nailers using brad nails.

Step 7: Youre Done!

This is the state of the same charging station in my shop today. So glad I made one, its been a huge help with organization and just having a place to put all my cordless tools and other random things.

I really appreciate you taking the time to follow my build and I hope it helps you keep more organized in the shop! Again don't forgot to watch the build video to see more in depth how I did it and if you would like to support me I have full build plans available linked in the beginning. Thanks again!

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