Introduction: DIY Drill Press Accessories

Here are a few drill press add ons that can make your life a bit easier and help in the accurate use of your drill press. Most of them do involve welding.

The first is a drill bit index that is mounted to the column and keeps the bits close at hand. It was designed with those familiar stepped plastic indexes in mind, but it could be just a block of aluminum or wood if you so choose.

The swing arm is a simple strap, snugly bolted to that "TEE" fitting, and clamped to the DP collar as shown. That "TEE" fitting is welded in the picture, but there is no reason it could not be bolted together.

The whole assembly swings out of the way if need be.

Step 1: Drill Press Vises

Shown here are two vises that I use regularly. The first is a typical import type vise that is mounted to a sliding track. It allows you to slide it back and forth, easily positioning your work. With this one, there is never an excuse for hand holding your work. This vise is easy on and easy no excuses. It can hang on a nail ready for use.

The second example, is a vise that I rescued from the garbage. It was made by a neighbour's kid as a school shop project. I found myself hand holding it, but felt better mounting those angle brackets to it so it could be bolted down.

Note the bearing races underneath the DP table, They make accurate parallels (spacers) and can keep your work elevated enough to prevent drilling into the table.

Step 2: "VEE" Blocks

Shown here are some simple VEE blocks in momma bear and poppa bear sizes. I used some materials that were on hand. These were end welded, but you could drill and tap for flat headed screws also.

These are useful when you need to drill round material.

Step 3: Drill Press Fence

Occasionally, we need to drill a series of holes in a straight line. The first example is a simple fence that will help with that.

The second is a longer version that has a clamp on pointer to help space holes evenly.

Step 4: Clamps, and Getting Your DP Mobile

These accessories involve a bunch of welding. The first picture shows some heavy duty clamps that were made from scrap bar stock and angles which were on hand. The DP carriage was also made from scraps on hand. No dimensions are provided as every drill press is different, but you get the idea. I have found it to be very stable when used in conjunction with the Machinery Moving Hook shown in another Instructable of mine.

Step 5:

If you add a washer to your key, it will keep your fingers from being pinched in the gearing. And yes, I do keep my key on a chain ( a dog collar from the dollar store) and I also remove that spring ejection feature on keys when they come with it.....oh how I hate those things!