Introduction: DIY Drums

So this is like a set of drums I made with like everyday materials. So the materials you r gonna need are…

- Tin cans

- Duct tape

- Pencils

- Hot glue

Step 1:

You are gonna take your can, if you want it to sound sort of like a snare drum add materials inside to make it rattle when you hit it.You could also use metal wire or rice if you desire.

Step 2:

Then cover the top with the duct tape (you can leave the top open if you like). Another drum you can do the same process but close it all the way. These will make different sounds.

Step 3:

Take the pencil, and cover it with hot glue (in the shape of a ball as best you can) and cover it with tape. These will be your drumsticks.

Step 4:

I hope this was easy and fun for you to make, and I hope you have good results and it sounds really good!! I hope you have fun and you can decorate your drums however you like it!!