Introduction: DIY Dust Cleaner

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Hello, This is my third post and I am from Indonesia.

In this Instructables, I will show you how to make a Dust Cleaner from raffia rope. In my country, the name is "Kemoceng" or "Sulak". If you want to clean anything from dust, maybe you can use a vacuum cleaner. But how if that is gone? Maybe you can try with this DIY Dust Cleaner for alternative to clean that.

Step 1: Supplies

    • 4 Raffia Rope (Red, Yellow, Blue, White)
    • Scissor
    • Ruler
    • Safety-Pin or Needle
    • Wooden Stick with a length about 35cm
    • Glue
    • Nail
    • Hammer

      Step 2: Step 1

      Cut raffia rope with a size of 20cm by 30 pieces. In here, I cut one color as much as 30 pieces

      You can cut more so that the dust cleaner gets longer

      Step 3: Step 2

      Previously I had cut a white rope with a length of 120cm and used it as a main strap. Then, plug the nail into wall. Spread the rope raffia by using nails that have been previously plugged into the wall. For alternatively if you don't have a nail, you can rope the raffia in the chair or table. After that, tie a raffia rope that has been cut in half the same shape at the stretch of the long rope.

      Step 4: Step 3

      Then comb the raffia rope by using a Safety Pin or Needle to slice and make the raffia into fine fibers.

      Be careful when do this, because Safety Pin or Needle is very sharp !!! If you need it, you can use safety gloves

      Step 5: Step 4

      When it's smooth, tie it tightly to the wooden stick by forming a circle from top to bottom.

      And don't forget to use glue so the rope can stick tightly.

      Step 6: Finish!

      Good Job! Your DIY Dust Cleaner is finished.

      Because this Dust Cleaner is a bit rough, then I don't recommend cleaning in areas such as televisions, glass, etc. This is only used to clean items made of wood or to clean the floors

      I hope you enjoyed this Instructables.

      And lastly, in case I missed something, I apologize for my bad English.

      But, Keep Learning ! Keep it Cool ! and Keep it Write !

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