Introduction: DIY E14 to E12 Light Bulb Adapter From a E14 Lightbulb

After my father purchased LED bulbs online, we were very disappointed that the bulbs were too small to fit the old sockets. Since some of the old bulbs were burnt out anyway, I decided to up-cycle them to fashion adapters for the new bulbs. An E14 to E12 adapter would work, though this modification is essentially free if your are replacing your old bulbs.

Materials needed:
Old E14 bulb to be replaced
New E12 bulb to modify
Electrical tape
Insulated copper wire

Tools and Skills:
Hammer (or other hammer-like object)
Vise grip (Could also be used to double as a hammer)
Small pointed tool, such as a precision screwdriver
Soldering iron and solder
Hot glue gun

WARNING! This project involves broken glass and high temperatures. Exercise care by wearing safety equipment to reduce the risk of cuts and burns!

Step 1: Preparing the Adapter

Follow images to prepare the old bulb for the adapter.

Step 2: Electrical Connections

Follow the images to attach the adapter to the new bulb.
WARNING! Be sure to use a multimeter to test for shorts before using the modified bulb!