Introduction: DIY Easter Egg Design Idea and Tutorial

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I would like to share my easter egg design idea that I successfully implemented last year. I used the decoupage technique, it's safe for boiled eggs if you use the egg white as an adhesive (it works great as a natural glue).

Actually it's an easy way to decorate easter eggs. You just need to create any design you like in a photo editor (for example, Photoshop or Gimp). You can simply use ready images from the Internet or write greetings using nice fonts, etc. As I love traveling and visited different cities in Europe and the United states, my design idea was about big cities. Christians celebrate Easter all over the world and it doesn't matter where we are, we all love this day, that was the concept I followed.

The materials needed:

  • White boiled eggs
  • Raw egg white
  • Cotton buds (or a clean paint brush)
  • White napkins
  • Laser printer (I have a black and white laser printer but if you have a color laser one you can make bright designs and it's really awesome!)
  • Color napkins with pattens or nice drawings to add bright details

My video tutorial shows the process step-by-step.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Step 2: Take a White Napkin and Separate It Into Layers. We Need Only One Napkin Layer. Iron It to Remove Any Wrinkles.

Step 3: Take a Copy Paper and Glue the Upper Part of a Napkin to It.

I recommend to glue the napkin leaving 3-5 cm down from the top of a copy paper so that your printer didn't tear the napkin when grabbing the paper for printing. Cut the excess of the napkin.

Step 4: Print Out Your Pre-made Design. Separate the Napkin From the Paper.

It's necessary to use a laser printer not an inkjet one.

As I mentioned already, you can create any design to your liking in a photo editor. My patterns with such cities as Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, Moscow, Barcelona, Rome can be downloaded from the video description on youtube.

Step 5: Separate the Egg White. Tear the Design Elements From the Napkin.

Tear the design elements carefully, the napkin layer is very thin, be careful not to break the design.

Step 6: Apply Some Egg White to the Boiled Egg With a Cotton Bud and Smooth the Design With Your Fingers

Don't apply too much egg white, it can make the egg very slippy and the drying time will be longer.

Step 7: Take a Color Napkin With Patterns, Cut Out Bright Elements and Glue Them to the Egg With the Egg White.

Step 8: Let the Egg Dry for 3-7 Hours, It Depends on the Room Tempreture.

I dry the egg on two toothpicks, it keeps the egg in place.

Step 9: Done.

If you would like to decorate fake eggs or empty eggs, you can also use this method. Just use white craft glue mixed with water as an adhesive and for a better result cover the dry egg with acrylic varnish. The result will be very nice, I did it also.

For more DIY tutorials and ideas, welcome to visit my youtube channel.