Introduction: DIY Easter Wreath

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Picture Tutorial: DIY Easter Wreath

I've wanted to make an Easter Wreath for the longest time and this year I finally did it! I purchased a wire frame and used ribbons to attach the sparkly mesh to the frame. This is a simple, no sew project that can be made by any beginner.

Step 1: Supplies

1/2 yard of each color sparkly mesh. I chose to use 4 different colors. Pink, Aqua, Lavender, Green.

24 pieces of 1/2" wide white double faced satin ribbon cut into 10" sections.

1 roll white wired ribbon for bow

1 12" wire wreath frame

1 package of glittered Easter Eggs

glue to attach Easter Eggs

a few small rubber bands

Step 2: Tie Ribbons to the Wire Frame

Cut the 1/2" ribbon on the diagonal into 10" sections. Tie at intervals around the wire frame. I staggered the ribbons around the frame. This will create a basket woven effect with the mesh.

Step 3: Attaching Mesh to Wire Frame

Select the first color and finger gather the mesh into sections and secured it to the frame with the pre-tied ribbons. Tie each ribbon into a knot to secure the mesh. Continue working your way around the frame with each color mesh until finishing 4 colorful rows. Pull mesh ends to the back of your frame for a clean finish. Cut extra mesh and secure with rubber bands.

Step 4: Add Glittered Eggs

Nestle the glittered eggs into the mesh around the wreath and glue them into place.

Step 5: Create Focal Bow

Create a focal bow for your wreath out of wired ribbon. I used an organza ribbon with satin edges. I chose a plain white because the rest of the wreath was very colorful. Wrap the bow ends around your finger tightly and pull down gently to create the curly cues.

Step 6: Finished Easter Wreath

There you have it! A simple DIY Easter Wreath full of Color and Cheerfulness for the Holiday! It's a quick project that requires minimal fabric and supplies. I hope you give it a try and personalize it to fit your taste and style.

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