Introduction: DIY Easy Headphone Holder Hanger

Make your own easy DIY headphone holder hanger using inexpensive materials.

As a teacher, I was tired of messy headphones everywhere in the computer lab and needed a solution. Hopefully, this will help you save some headaches and money.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Attach Adhesive/small Hook to Computer Monitor

Gather your materials:

1 small damage-free clip hook

1 medium binder clip

2 small paper clips

1 small roll of tape (not necessary but helpful to prevent any scratches on computer monitor backing)

-I found painter's tape works the best (electrical tape eventually slipped off)

After gathering your materials, attach adhesive and small hook to computer monitor and wait about 1 hour (according to adhesive instructions) before use. Build hanger while waiting.

Step 2: Wrap Binder Clip With Tape (not Necessary But Helpful)

Wrap your binder clip with tape several times around. Again, this is not necessary but helpful to prevent any scratches on computer monitor backing.

Step 3: Place One Paper Clip Diagonal Across First

Use paper clips as reinforcement to hold binder clip in place.

Place one paper clip diagonal across the binder clip wings first.

Step 4: Attach Second Paper Clip to First Paper Clip and Then Diagonally Across

Attach second paper clip to first paper clip.

Then open the edge of second paper clip to put diagonally across.

Close open paper clip edges.

Step 5: Results

Your hanger should be sturdy and after the time allotted (about 1 hour according to adhesive instructions), you can attach binder clip to the hook.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Hope this helps with staying organized and no more headphones laying everywhere!

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