Introduction: DIY Easy LED Paper Lamp

This is very simple project that requires few materials. I was able to build it in about two hours, but I was making it up as I went along, so it should only take you about an hour.

Step 1: Materials

You don't need that many materials, and there is a good chance you have most of them already.

5 sheets of 8 x 11 printer paper.

1/4 inch black crafts tape.

LED Strip Lights. (And a power cable for the lights)

Scotch Tape.



Hot Glue Gun

Soldering Iron

Scissors (To cut paper)

Step 2: The Folding and Decorating

Fold four of the five sheets in half length wise, so the dimensions of the folded sheets are 5.5 x 8 inches. Decorate one side of each of the folded pieces of paper with the black tape. Do whatever markings you want, I just did simple lines going from one side to another.

Step 3: Assembling the Lamp

Take two pieces of folded paper, and tape them together so they form half of a box. Do this again with your other two sheets, making sure to keep the markings visible. Combine these two half boxes to make one box, and tape them together. To make the top of the lamp, put the box on another piece of paper, and trace its outline. Cut from each corner of the piece of paper to the corresponding corner of the outline. Fold the pieces in and you have a top!

(If you are wondering where the markings are, I rebuilt the project later with them but I only have pictures of my first version.)

Step 4: The Hidden Storage

I was lucky enough to have cardboard that fit perfectly inside the lamp, but you will probably have to cut out a piece. To attach it to the inside put hot glue on the edges of the cardboard and slowly lower it into the lamp, without it touching the sides. When you have gone down about 2 inches, compress the lamp so it touches the cardboard and bonds with the hot glue. Then attach the LED strip lights. I couldn't find a good way to get them inside the lamp, so it was just trial in error, with a lot of errors. Just make sure to measure out the LEDs beforehand and make sure the work. Thank you for reading this instructable, and be sure to vote for me in the Paper Contest if you liked this instructable. Leave comments or suggestions below, I really appreciate the feedback. If there are any instructables you want me to make, leave a comment below.


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