Introduction: DIY (Easy) Live Edge Desk

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If you’re like lots of other people right now, you’re probably working and/or schooling from home. So, to help ease the burden of limited workspaces, here's the easiest DIY live edge desk. You can make this in less than a full weekend and with only TWO power tools!


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Drill & Drill Bits
Sander & Sandpaper

Live Edge Slab
Hairpin Legs
Dark Walnut Danish Oil
5-Minute Epoxy (optional)
Epoxy Pigment (optional)

Step 1: Choose Your Slab

For this project, you'll need a slab that is large enough to be your workspace. The slab I chose can fit a laptop, a cup of coffee, and my notebook!

Step 2: Fill Cracks & Voids

Fill any voids in the slab with epoxy. I chose a 5-minute epoxy project for this because the voids I had in my slab were shallow. Deep slabs will require a deep pour epoxy.

Step 3: Sand Your Slab

After letting the epoxy cure, sand it flush along with the entire slab. I started with 80 grit and gradually worked to 220 grit.

Step 4: Add Finish

Once your slab is fully prepped, finish it using a wood finishing product. I chose a medium walnut danish oil for mine.

Step 5: Add the Legs

Last step is to add the hairpin legs! Mine came with all of the hardware required to install. So, I predrilled my holes and added the legs with screws.

Step 6: Get to Work

That's it! Now you have a new space to work from home on! A simple, and fun weekend project with minimal tools!

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