Introduction: DIY Easy Paper Box: How to Make Handmade Paper Gift Box in 5 Minutes!

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Hi my fellow Instructable lovers! This time I bring for you a pretty to look at and easy to make DIY Easy Paper Box Idea that makes for an adorablestep by step complete tutorial on how to make a handmade Paper Gift Box in 5 minutes. Just a handful of basic craft supplies from your craft kit, a dash of imagination and a few paper folding and decorations is all you need. And before you even realize this amazing Handmade Paper Gift Box is absolutely ready.

This pretty and colorful handmade gift box is the best handmade gift idea for special occasions like a Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or even Friendship's Day for your loved ones! So what are we waiting for? Let us learn how to make this amazingly beautiful handmade paper gift box in 5 minutes!

Step 1: Material Needed!

There are a very few craft supplies that you need to make this handmade gift box:

Colored papers



Pencil and Divider

Decorative String

Craft Glue

Glossy Sheet.

Step 2: Let Us Begin!

Set your divider measuring 10 cm and draw a circle.

Make 2 such circles in the same size.

Make a square inside the circle that would be measuring 14 cm on each side.

Step 3: Build Your Craft!

Keep the divider outside the circle and make 4 arcs inside the circle.

Slightly run a cutter on the arcs, in order to help you ease the process of folding the circles to make the paper boxes.

Fold the paper along the arcs as a guiding map.

Make two such paper boxes using the same procedure.

Step 4: Your Craft Is Just Ready!

Join the two boxes by pasting one arc in one circle with that of another with the help of craft glue.

Now watch the tutorial and learn how to make those spiky leaves with the help of glossy sheet.

Paste the leaves on the box and tie a decorative string to give it a vintage look and feel.

Step 5: Your Handmade Paper Box Is Ready!

And without much ado, your pretty handmade paper box is absolutely ready in just 5 minutes. Could easy paper crafts and handmade gifts ideas get any easier? This humble paper gift box can be used for endless happy occasions and festive time and can be used as an excellent handmade gift option on festive times like Christmas or Thanksgiving!Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make this pretty and easy Handmade paper gift box withing a few minutes.