DIY Easy Personalized Graphic T-Shirt

Introduction: DIY Easy Personalized Graphic T-Shirt

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Like most fashionitas, I always love a good t-shirt that has color, flair and the wow factor in a certain design. Here's how you can make your own graphic t-shirts to call your own!

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you will need to do your own personalized graphic t-shirt are...

  • a black or white t-shirt in your size (I am using a medium sized black t-shirt found in my closet)
  • assortment of fabric paint
  • sponge pouncers / paint brushes
  • stencils
  • paint palette
  • cardboard

Step 2: Prep Your T-Shirt

So, first off, lay your t-shirt down on some old newspaper, and place a piece of cardboard inside of your shirt. This is to prevent the paint from bleeding through the fabric.

Step 3: Add Initials

To make your initials, place your letter stencils on top of your t-shirt. In this photo, I am on the path into using the initials A S L. You can also use spray mount glue or duct tape to keep the stencil from moving as your pounce on your paint.

Step 4: Add Paint

Now, fill your paint palette with a few colors of fabric paint, and use a sponge pouncer to sponge on your initials on your t-shirt. My shirt is black, so I am using a white fabric paint. You can make the color as bold or as light as you like. Most paint colors come out depending on the t-shirt's fabric color.

Step 5: Add Embellishments

Once, you've done that, you can add more stencils to your t-shirt to make it look more embellished!

Step 6: Wear It

Once you're done, let your shirt dry for a few hours or overnight. Once dry, it's ready to wear!

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    Actually, the ASL is actually my initials. A is for my first name (Ariana), S is for my middle name (Samantha), and L is for my last name (Labus).