Introduction: DIY Easy Punching Bag

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DIY Easy Punching Bag

When I saw, there is an exercise contest going on, then I thought what should I make for the contest,

Then I saw a man punching to a punching bag in a movie, from there I got an idea to make a punching bag of clothes. You don’t need any money to spend here, just free of cost!

Trust me, this type of punching you will never get any where and making this clothes bag/punching bag is really very, very easy. You can also carry it with you, anywhere you want and can continue your punching practice wherever you are!

And build your body with this punching bag.

Step 1:


1] Load cover/pillow cover

2] Old clothes

3] Sand {optional}

4] Stitching Materials


1]Take a load cover/pillow cover and simply put some old clothes inside the cover.

2] Put some sand in it, if you want to make it much harder, if not, then clothes are enough for it.

3]Tie both the corners/sides of the bag or you can also stitch the sides, but better you tie it with something.

4]Lastly, hang your punching bag somewhere and just punch all your anger on the punching bag.


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