Introduction: DIY Easy Rocket Engines

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I had been wanting to buy some rocket engines and a rocket except they were way to much money and wasn't prepared to be ripped off. So i did some research and tested many different ideas until i found the best one and here it is! Have fun but be safe. I am not responsible for any injury or damage caused by this.

Step 1: Preparing the Rocket Casing (what You Will Need for This Step)

What you will need for this step:

- PVC Pipe (small)

- Cat Litter

- Small Saw

- Mallet

- Something to compact the Cat Litter

- Funnel

- Teaspoon

To make my rocket casing i used PVC pipe (not too big but that's up to you) then compacted, using a mallet, about 1/2 inch of cat litter in the bottom to form a plug at the bottom.

Step 2: Making the Pyrotechnic Mixture (what You Will Need for This Step)

What you will need for this step:

- Powdered Sugar

- KNO3/Potassium Nitrate (you can buy this as a stump remover from a Hardware Store or online)

- Teaspoon (optional)

- Funnel (optional)

- Drink Bottle

To make the propellant pour precisely 60% KNO3 or Potassium Nitrate and 40% powdered sugar into a drink bottle or any other seal able container and mix thoroughly for about 30 seconds (you might want to mix up a lot of this stuff so that you can make a rocket quick and easy when ever you want).

Step 3: Cooking the Mixture (what You Will Need for This Step)

What you will need for this step:

- Stove

- Your Mixture

- Your Rocket Casing

- Stove

- Pan

- Tongs

- Small Metal Straw

Put the stove of 10 power and let it heat up. Meanwhile fill your casing up with the mixture and pour it into the pan repeat the process twice and it should give you the right amount to make your rocket. Put the pan on the stove and after about a minute the mixture should turn from white powder to a thick brown liquid. Once you have reached this point pour it into the casing using tongs to hold it tight (it gets very hot and is safer this way).if you have any excess just pour it out on an old tray. Next moisten a small metal straw and push it directly down through the mixture in the casing making sure the hole is centered the whole way down. Keep pushing until it reaches the clay plug at the bottom then twist it and slowly pull it out and let your rocket engine cool for 5

Step 4: Final Details (what You Will Need for This Step)

What you will need for this step:

- Sellotape/Electrical Tape

- Dowel

- Fuse

- Scissors (optional)

To balance the rocket during flight you will need to sellotape a long piece of dowel downwards and pointing in the same direction as the nozzle. Then balance it on your finger right by the nozzle. If the casing tilts upwards then cut some more dowel of until it balances and sits level. Once you have done this you need to find out how long your fuse needs to be and then roll electrical tape around it leaving about 1/2 a centimeter of fuse at each end. this means that when you light it the rocket will not ignite until it reaches the end of the end of the core hole giving the rocket more power and thrust!

Please comment and watch the video of my launch! (it was not very safe)