Introduction: DIY Easy Stickman Costume for Kids and Adults

This project was inspired by a book that my sister was reading quite recently - diary of a wimpy kid. So, naturally, I challenged myself to create a glow in the dark Stickman that was warm, comfortable and easy to make (this project only took 1 hour)! It was the day before Halloween and I was panicking because the lights that I had ordered originally for this costume were not supposed to arrive in time for Halloween. I surfed the internet for a while and came across some LED lights that came supplied with a battery pack with 4 different settings for half the price of the original lights. After they arrived, I frantically threw together this costume quite comfortably inside of an hour. Apart from the lights, everything that I used to make the costume was stuff you could find around the house. The costume itself comprised of safety pins, scotch tape, black pants, black shirt and a black beanie. However simple this may seem, on Halloween night EVERYONE (without any exception) that saw my costume told me how ridiculously cool they thought it was. The little kids were wide eyed and jaw dropped when I walked by, and some of the older kids commented on how it was a little bit creepy. That is why I would say that this costume is an all round costume for any age whatsoever that is super easy to make yet super effective.


20 safety pins

Scotch tape

Led lights and battery pack

Black beanie

Black long sleeve shirt

Black pants (GB trousers)

Step 1: The Design

A lot of my designs come about because of a challenge or a problem, and the challenge for me was to design a costume that was cheap and easy to make, yet was appreciated by all generations played a huge part in my design. It took a week of scratching my head before I was inspired by my sister to create the Stickman. Once I had the idea done with I had to find out where all of my wires would go to and how I would attach them. I decided that one wire would go to each of my legs and arms (4 wires) and the last would go up the middle of my body and form the head and part of the body together with the arms.

Step 2: Finding the Lights

Because part of this project was to keep it cheep, I found some lights that best suited my colour preference and that had a reasonable price tag. Although these are not the exact colour of lights I used (I used red), they were my sister’s top choice for colour so I decided to include it here. To find some lights I would recommend the lights that are 5 by 1 meter long, and to get those you can search “led stickman lights” on amazon. The lights that I ordered had 4 settings: ON, OFF, steady flashing and rapid flashing.

Step 3: Building the Costume

When the lights arrived, I first started by clipping the battery pack onto the back of my pants (or you could just put it in your pocket) and then I started laying the lights over the costume in the shape of a stickman. You could make this one of two ways: one is to stretch out the clothing on the floor and then do the wiring, or you can put the clothes on and have someone else do the wiring while you are wearing the costume. Either way you do this, you will still have the same result. First I started by running three of the strips of lights up the middle of of my shirt then making two of them break off and go down the length of the arms. The one that I didn’t use looped around and was safety pinned to the beanie to form the head. The last two strips of lights started where the other three lights did but went down to form the legs. I safety pinned the lights to the clothes around where your joints might be: the top of your legs, your quads, your knees, your shins and near your feet (the bottom of your pants). For the end you may need to loop the lights around the safety pin, and you can connect it to the pin by taping it or hot glueing it if you want. I also put safety pins around the hips, upper stomach, two at the shoulders, biceps, the other side of your elbow, forearm and the end of your shirt. After that, you will want to tape the wires that run up your body together to make it look like it is one wire rather than three.

Step 4: You Are Finished (phew)!!!!

After you have finished this costume you can show it off to all of your friends and family (and use it to trick or treat). You should try testing it out by turning off the lights and looking at yourself in the mirror or taking a picture of it. I felt that this was a fun project, and a great start to instructables. You should give yourself a pat on the back for this project, and I cannot wait you guys making this and adding your own personal touches to it. Thanks for reading this instructable, and I hope you found it useful.

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