Introduction: DIY Easy Titanic Inspired Pendant Necklace

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a Titanic inpired necklace, with the ship and if you want, the iceberg. It's easy, fast, and all you need are 2-4 simple items you can find around the house. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

For this necklace, you will need a Monopoly battleship piece from the original version of the game. You will also need a jump ring (preferably silver, to match the ship) You can also use a mini key ring, but make sure that it is very small, about the size of the average jump ring. It is optional (though reccomended for the Titanic look) to have a small crystal (preferably not much bigger than the ship, though any size smaller will do) It should be clear to look like the iceberg, but a very light blue can pass too. it is up to you if you want it to be polished and cut (faceted) but i like the look of natural crystals as the iceberg. If you want to add the iceberg, you will need a jewelry bail. Click this link for a tutorial on how to make your own. Finally, you will need hot or super glue for the iceberg.

-Monopoly battleship piece (preferably silver/pewter, but the gold edition is available here) Buy the pewter piece


-jump ring or mini key ring (preferably silver) Buy the jump ring here.

-(optional) small crystal (preferably clear, but very light blue will do) Buy it here.

-(optional) jewelry bail (preferably silver) Buy it here.

-(optional) super glue or hot glue (and hot glue sticks, too) Buy the glue gun and sticks here, and the super glue here.

Step 2: Making the Ship

See that little closed right angle on the end? Go ahead and open your jump ring or key ring, then put it through that little space and close it back up. You can see where I put the jump ring in on the second photo (the badly taken one where I am holding the ship upside down) Thread your ship onto a chain or string to call it "finished". It should hang at a slightly slanted angle to show the Titanic "sinking".

Step 3: Making the Iceberg

I can't get ahold of the crystals, so I can't take any pictures of this part, but hopefully my explanation should be enough, as this part is very simple.

Just hot glue or super glue a jewlery bail to the uglier side of your crystal, then thread it on to your train or string like the ship.

Done! That's it for this easy diy necklace tutorial! Enjoy!

(Again, sorry for bad photo quality! Sharpened it as much as I could in iPhoto!)

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