Introduction: DIY: Easy Wood Machete

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In this Instructable I'll show how to make a simple and easy wooden sword. With cheap inexpensive tools you probably have around the house. So get ready to make a simple wooden sword.

Step 1: What Your Gone to Need.

Your going to need sanding paper you can pick that up at Home Depot. A sharp knife, a measuring tape,a pencil and of course a piece of wood. The measurements for the wood are 18inches is the length and the width is half a inch.

Step 2: Carving the Point.

I'm going to start with the point and work my way down. Now as shown in the picture you want to cut or carve three inches slanting down but try to keep it rounded.

Step 3: Working on the Body.

Mark four inches in on the bottom that's were your handle will be. But before making the handle began to carve the edges of the front of the machete until there is no more edges.

Step 4: Getting the Machete Look.

Now to look like a machete the upper part must come out bigger than the bottom. So begin to carve bottom part of your machete blade just a little not to much but just a little.

Step 5: Working on the Handle.

Finally it's time to work on the handle. What your going to do is round the corners of the bottom part until nice and round. Then the edges on the handle begin to round them make sure that there all even.

Step 6: Finishing Up.

Now that every thing is formed your wooden machete is nearly finished. All that's left is to clean up the blade part of machete to were it looks like blade. You could use electrical tape for the handle if you want but it's really your choice.
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