Introduction: DIY Eclipse Camera Filter

About: Instagram: withered_perception

Instagram: withered_perception

Okay, we all know you can't stare at the sun or it will basically melt your eyes out.

This is the same with cameras!

The sun amplifies the intensity of the sun onto your sensor.

This means you should only point your camera at the sun for long periods of time if you enjoy the smell of melted plastic and you like making perfectly good cameras broken cameras.

Now, that being said my wife was supposed to order eclipse glasses and a solar filter for my camera over 6 months ago

Obviously, that never happened so we spent the better part of the last 2 days running all over the city to spend $100 on a few pairs of F#*king eclipse glasses, but sadly there isn't a solar filter left in this town.

We also bought a cheap $400 point and shoot camera from Target with a 30x zoom as a test/ backup camera.

No way in hell an I taking my $$ maker Sony A7rii to stair directly into the sun.

Which means the Canon 7D and this little Nikon A900 can be my little experiment.

So this is gonna be a quick Instructable! I still have lots of S#*t to do before leaving to the path of totality tomorrow.

Step 1: Trace

Don't use good Glass (lenses) for this project.

The last thing you wanna do is rub cardboard all over G or L glass.

Take a junker lens and/ or your point and shoot and trace a line around them.

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Trace the glasses into the cardboard and cut it out.

Be sure to leave space for some overlap.

Step 3: Cut It Out

Cut the middle out.

Step 4: Snip and Tape

Measure the lens and cut some cardboard to about the same length then tape.

Make sure to leave some overlap.

Step 5: Snip and Tape

Cut thoes glasses you paid out the ass for that everyone else got for free or pennies on the dollar.

Tape it to the circle and fold the tape over the sides.

You're done...

Time for the Point and shoot.

Step 6: But First....

An intermission...

Step 7: Tape Some More

lay out how ever you think this will fit your specific lens.

Cut out the parts and tape them together.

Fit it and make any adjustments nessisary.

Keep in mind your entire frame will be black anyways other than the eclipse its self.

So cardboard and tape overlapping the lense will do nothing to mess up your shot!

Now off to pack the car up...

See you all at the totality!

Step 8: Update...

The results

Instagram: withered_perception