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Introduction: DIY Elastic Shoelaces

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Forget tying and re-tying laces over and over again.  And add some custom colored style at the same time with elastic shoelaces.  Get the look of laces + the ease of a slip-on!  Great for kids shoes.  

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed:

- Lace up shoes
- Fold Over Elastic (aka FOE).  This comes in several widths usually 5/8in and 1 in. I used 1 inch since that's what I had on hand* 
- Basic notions (sewing machine, pin, soluble/disappearing marking pen, scissors)

*Depending on the size of the holes, the 5/8 make be easier to use.  You can find basic colors of FOE at most sewing stores and tons colors & prints at various online sewing & diaper making shops.

Step 2: Measuring Elastic

First you loosen the shoelaces slightly and then mark the laces about 1 inch from the outside of the top lace holes.  Then unlace the shoe and measure the distance between the markings and cut two pieces of FOE that length

Step 3: Lacing the Elastic

Fold the elastic lengthwise and trim the ends to a point (this makes it easier to feed through the lace holes).  Mark the center of the FOE and center that at the base and begin to feed the folded elastic through the holes like shown in second photo.  Continue feeding folded elastic through until both ends meet inside.

Step 4: Stitching Elastic

With right sides of the ends facing pin elastic open.  Stitch together & backstitch over a few times for strength and then trim close to stitching.  Pull elastic to fold over the seam and evenly adjust laces.  Now they're ready to wear!

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9 years ago on Introduction

Great idea!

I always struggled with my own laces and then as my boys got older their laces became a nightmare, too. I finally had enough and came up with elastic laces that never came untied and that were adjustable. I wanted the look of laces + the ease of a slip-on! Let me know what you think.

They're called Synch Bands (pronounced "cinch").

Eddie :)

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10 years ago on Introduction

I'm doing this with all my Chucks! I pinned this on Pinterest and the re-pins are redonkulous!

Those are so cute! What a great idea! It looks really nice with the pink converse :)