Introduction: DIY Elbow Patches (Doctor Who)

Make your very own eleventh doctor tweed jacket elbow patches with this quick and easy tutorial! I found my tweed jacket at the thrift store, but it was missing one very important element: elbow patches! So, I added my own, and now I'm gonna show you how! :)


  • suede, felt or fabric of your choice to make the elbow patches
  • "Wonder Under" or similar fusible interfacing for attaching elbow patches
  • scissors
  • pencil / pen / marker
  • jacket to which you will be attaching your DIY elbow patches
  • iron

Step 1: Create Your Elbow Patch Shape

Start by creating the shape of your elbow patches. Most elbow patches are oval in shape. I create my oval by measuring how big I wanted my elbow patches (3.75" by 5") and then drawing one corner of the oval, folding the paper and tracing the rest of the oval (just to make sure it was perfectly symmetrical).

You can also take a circular object and trace two overlapping circles, or freehand the oval if you are good at drawing symmetrical shapes. :)

Step 2: Trace Onto Fusible Interfacing

Once you have your oval shape, you'll want to trace it onto your fusible interfacing. I highly recommend getting Wonder Under (which can be found at any fabric store) because it allows you to permanently adhere one fabric to another. Anyway, trace your oval on the interfacing and then cut out the ovals from the interfacing.

Step 3: Mark Patch Placement on Jacket

Try on your jacket and mark where you would like to attach your elbow patches. I did this by marking the point of my elbows with a Sharpie (since the mark is going to be covered by the elbow patches, I wasn't worried about permanently marking the jacket). Make sure that your jacket is on properly and the sleeves haven't ridden up or anything (or your placement may be off).

Step 4: Create the Iron-on Patches

Now it's time to create your iron-on elbow patches.

  1. Take your ovals cut out of the interfacing and iron them onto your elbow patch fabric.
  2. Carefully peel off the paper backing from the ovals (which should now securely be attached to the fabric).
  3. Cut out your ovals and - voila! - you've created your own iron-on elbow patches!

Step 5: Iron Patches Onto Jacket

Place your elbow patches onto the sleeves of your jacket and follow the instructions for ironing and attaching.

**I forgot to get pictures of this step, but the instructions usually call for a damp press cloth (any piece of fabric will do, a wash cloth or old pillow case) and then to press firmly for about 15 seconds.

Once your patches are ironed in place, you're all done! Grab your sonic screwdriver and get ready to save the universe in style!! ;)

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