Introduction: DIY Electric Longboard for 146$ or 4638฿


My everyday life is traveling between the buildings in the university campus. An electric skateboard is an option to make my life fast and fun.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to make an awesome Electric longboard with the normal equipment and material in the low budget. I’m sure that my Electric longboard and the video of making it will inspire you to have one. If I can do it, anyone can!

Step 1: Components


- Plywood x2

- Sandpaper x2

- Truck + wheel

- Motor mount x1

- Belt 225 M3 x1

- Brushless Motor 5060 280kx x1

- 120A ESC Racerstar x1

- Switch on/off x3

- Lunch Box x1

- Arduino UNO x1

- NRF240L01 2.4gh wireless module x2

- Battery LiPo x2

- LiPo battery Plugs x1

- Module battery check x1

- RC cable

- RGB LED light 1m x1

- Heat Shrinkable Tube

- Nut m5 and Screw m5*35mm x12

- Nut m4 and Screw m4*25mm x4

- Screw m3*35mm x5


- Jigsaw

- Sandpaper

- Drill


- Wood glue

- Socket Wrench set

- Thread-locking fluid

- Glue gun

- Spray paint (black and silver)

Step 2: Design

-Draw your electric longboard in your style such as the shape and color on the paper.

- Add the feature into the picture such as the wheel, motor and LED lights.

-Use the Rhino 3D to make a true size of the 3D model to simulate the electric Longboard

- Paint out the sketch of the Longboard desk.

Step 3: Wood Work (Electric Longboard Desk)

- Prepare the jigsaw, sandpaper, cover, and glue for plywood.

- Attach 2 pieces of plywood together to make it strong enough by glue and let it dry for 24 hours.

- Stick the sketch paper onto the wood and use the jigsaw to cut the wood following the sketch paper.

- Smooth the wood board with sandpaper.

- Coat the wood with wood coating (RPS WATERLACQ URETHANE) to make the board beautiful and shiny as well as to make it waterproof.

- Cut the sandpaper to the shape of longboard and stick to the board to make in not slippery when we stand on it.

Step 4: Install Parts and Components

- Make holes to attach the longboard truck. Use the RC nut and screw m5*25mm to make it tight.

- Place only 3 wheels to the longboard truck by axle nut. 2wheels in front and another wheel at the back. The left wheel will be placed later

Step 5: Wheel, Gear and Motor

- The last which is the most important in order to move will be attached to the gear.

- Make the holes in the wheel by drill and combine them by Screw m3*35mm x5.

- Combine the motor mount to the longboard truck.

- Attach the small gear to the motor.

-Combine the wheel gear and motor gear together with a belt.

Step 6: Electronic Part

- Battery

- NRF240L1 and Arduino Uno

Step 7: An Electric Box

- Bring the Lunch Box and paint the box by spray color(Leyland auto spray) into black and silver.

- Put the electric part that we made in Step5 to this box by using glue and 3M sticky tape.

- Don’t forget the holes for the power switch, LED switch and Battery check switch and put them by using the nut.

- Making holes on the desk by using the drill

- Combine electric Box and desk by Nut m5 and Screw m5*35mm x4.

- Attach the LED light to the electric box by glue.

Step 8: Controller

Step 7: controller

- This electric longboard uses Arduino UNO and NRF240L01 2.4gh wireless module to be a receiver.

Step 9:

About the electric longboard "Remote control", I will be writing the instructable and post it on this website as soon as possible.

Now your ElectricLongboard is complete! It was a fun project that helped me improve my skills if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Thank!

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