Introduction: DIY Electronic Drums

Converted my Roland TD3 KW Electronic Drum Kit. Upgraded it to a TD6 module with meshhead drums.

Step 1: Cut Tom Drum in Half With Jigsaw

I found this tom on eBay for $30.00. The price included shipping. This tom was cut in half with a jigsaw to create two 10" toms. I used tape around the cut line to prevent splintering.

Step 2: Roof Truss Clip

Roof truss clip. Purchased at Menards $0.49

Step 3: Roof Truss Clips to Support Cross Member

The roof truss clips are attached inside the drum shell where the lugs connect. They will support the spoke cross member.

Step 4: Tom Mounts

Cable clamps purchased at local hardware store $1.50 The red arrows show where metal had to be removed with hacksaw to make flat. Black arrows show metal strips drilled with holes that were added to modify the clamps so they will grab the Roland L rods.

Step 5: Tom Mounts

The cable clamps where a low cost way to mount the toms to the Roland L rods.

Step 6: Tom Mounts

Clamp shown with Roland L rod.

Step 7: Wood Spoke Cross Member

I used wood cut out with a jigsaw for the spoke cross member.

Step 8: Wood Spoke Cross Member

Drilled 1/4" holes in wood spoke cross member & Outlet box cover.

Step 9: Assembled Wood Spoke Cross Member

Assembled wood spoke member with adjustable sensor support.

Step 10: 1/4" Jack

I drilled a hole in the shell for the 1/4" jack. These jacks where not long enough to go through the drum shell. With the right size drill bit I was able to screw the jack into the shell. It was a nice tight fit.

Step 11: 35mm Piezo Sensor

35mm Piezo Sensor is attached with double sided foam tape. The Piezo Sensor is connected to the 1/4 Jack.

Step 12: Foam Sanding Block

I cut the foam sanding block into 1"x1"x1.5" foam blocks with a miter saw and peeled of the sanding surface.

I tried the foam cones. Had triggering problems like double triggering, miss triggering . Made many adjustments to the module with no success in getting it to trigger properly.

The sanding block foam blocks work great. I was able to set the module back to the default settings. No triggering problems at all.

Step 13: Double Sided Foam Tape

Double sided foam tape used to attach foam block to sensor.

Step 14: Adjusted the Sensor Support

I adjusted the sensor support so the foam block is 1/8" above the rim of the drum shell.

One down and three to go. Now I need to create some DIY mesh heads using fiberglass window screen.

Step 15: Other Tutorials