Introduction: DIY Engagement Ring

I didn't know what kind of ring the lady would like, so I thought I'd take her with me to pick a ring. But I didn't want to take her to a Jewelers before I proposed, so I made a placeholder ring to propose with. She said Yes!


- Wood strips. I used walnut and Rosewood.


- Drill and 5/8th drill bit

- Hand saw

- Glue

- Clamps

- Sandpaper

- Metal file

Step 1: Glue Wood Sheets

Glue together three sheets of wood in the pattern that you want. I glued two strips of walnut and rosewood.

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Glued Sheet

Measure the size of the ring and use the appropriate sized drill bit. I used a 5/8th drill bit.

Step 3: Clamp and Cut

Use a hacksaw and cut a hexagon around the drilled hole. Be sure not to use too much force, the plank is quite weak and can break easily.

Step 4: File and Sand the Ring

I padded a fostner bit with masking tape so that the ring would be mounted on it. I then set a metal fine grit file vertically and wrapped a sandpaper around it. Then I ran the drill with the ring just touching the sandpaper. This takes a long time, be patient and grind a little bit at a time.

Step 5: Add Any Jewelry Piece You Like

Once the ring has been sanded, you can add any bit of jewelry you like. I bought some earrings from the antique store and took out the gems. I initially tried to mount the earring using a shortened ring rod, but that the thin metal was quite fragile and it broke. So I glued the blue stone onto the top of the ring.

Step 6: Propose!

What it says!