Introduction: DIY Euro Wallet

This is an instructable how to make a euro wallet. Earlier this year my country of Slovenia became a member of the european monetary union and took euro for its currency. So instead of paper money we had in our wallets before, we now have a lot of coins... so what to do with them? Well you could go out and buy a leather euro wallet which would cost you around 10� (15$) or go and buy some Tic Tac in a special edition tin can.

The things we need:

- a tin Tic Tac can (something like an Altoids can which you can find in the US)
- some pieces of leather you find lying around
- some paper to do a template of the inside of the can
- scissors (and some pretty sharp ones, so you can cut the leather)
- glue (i used some super glue)

Step 1: Finding a Right Can

I found mine in a petrol station :). Mine is a little to small to house some credit cards, so i use it only for change (i can fit the banknotes). So go out and find a suitable can!

Step 2: Fitting the Leather

With some paper make a template of the inside of the can.

Then use the template to cut the leather which goes into the top of the can.

Do the same for the bottom of the can. Then make a leather strip for the sides of the can (make sure you measure first).

Use some super glue to glue all the parts (if you measured everything you shouldn't have any problems with fitting the leather parts).

Step 3: The End

This is how it should look when you are done. Some time passed from when i did this so i made some alterations and my wallet has black leather inside now.