Introduction: DIY Eyeball String Lights

Last week my husband and I were checking out some of the pop-up Halloween stores and I saw these eyeball lights that I thought were pretty cool, but not for $10. They looked easy enough to make and I already had a ton of string lights, so I though I'd give it a shot.

This was actually a super easy and fast craft, I think I finished the first set of lights in under hour.


Ping pong balls (white, any size is fine, I used these).

Epoxy/some kind of adhesive

Micro string lights(and batteries)

Sharpies (ultra fine point in black, blue, red, orange, yellow, etc.)

Craft knife

Step 1: Prep Balls

The ping pong balls came with little holes on the sides so I used a small pair of scissors to make the holes large enough for the lights to get through. If you make the holes too big, you can add a little glue to secure them.

Step 2: Stringing

You can string the eyeballs onto the lights before or after you decorate them. I put some on blank and then colored on the eyes, and others I had already colored and added later.

Step 3: Making the Eyes

First I make a circle in whatever color you want for the iris. Then put in a black dot, smaller black circle, or pointed oval (for cats eyes). Next I put a black circle around the iris and then used a thin red marker to draw the veins. I didn't put veins on the cats eyes, they didn't seem to need it.

Step 4: Light Up!

After all of the eyes are decorated and strung, test your lights and hang your masterpiece up! I haven't decided where these lights will go, but they will go somewhere in my classroom---probably near the windows so they can freak out people at night :)

Another way to use these eyeballs is to stick them in a large plastic holiday ornament or in a clear bottle.

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