Introduction: DIY FIDGET SPINNER | How to Make Hand Spinner Fidget Toys

This tutorial will show you how to make two simple fidget spinners!

Step 1: Required Items

In order to build these fidget spinners you will need skateboard bearings, super glue, and a rubber band (Optional). The first Fidget Spinner requires 3 skateboard bearings, and the second one requires 4 skateboard bearings. If you want to build them both you will need a total of 7 skateboard bearings.

You can purchase the supplies required for these fidget spinners from Amazon by clicking on the links below:

Skateboard Bearings:

Super Glue:

Rubber Bands (Optional):

Step 2: Remove Center Cap From Center Bearing

To start off you will want to remove the metal cap off of your center bearing. This will reduce friction between your fingers and the bearing and allow it to spin longer. To do this, grab a knife or sharp tool, and gently push it under the cap of the bearing. You will see the cap easily lifts off of the bearing. Do this for both sides of the bearing. If you are building multiple fidget spinners, you will need to repeat this step for the center bearing on each one.

Step 3: Glue the Bearings Together

Once you have the caps pull off of your center bearing, it is time to glue the remaining bearings on to it.

For the first spinner (3 bearings total), lay the bearings flat and line up two bearings on both sides of your center bearing. Once they are lined up, apply super glue to where the surfaces of the bearings meet. Once the glue has dried, stand the bearings up and apply super glue to the surfaces where the bearings meet. There should be a total of four surfaces to apply super glue to for the model with three bearings. Once the glue has dried, you can place a colorful rubber band around the bearings to give it some color and also extra support (not required though).

For the second spinner (4 bearings total) you will arrange 3 bearings around your center bearing. If you want to balance your spinner perfectly, line up 6 bearings around your center bearing, then remove every other one. The three remaining bearings will be spaced for a well balanced spinner. Once you have your bearings spaced properly, you will begin applying super glue to all of the surfaces the same way you did for the first one.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Fidget Spinner!

After you have allowed the super glue to dry, it is now time to enjoy your new fidget spinner (a.k.a hand spinner). These DIY fidget toys are fun to play with and will save you the hassle of having to deal with empty shelves and online backorders!

Thanks for checking out this tutorial!