Introduction: DIY FIXIE - Fixed Gear, Trackbike Frame..

This is my simple way of making the frame for my fixed gear trackbike frame..
made from an old road bike, cut up and welded back in the right geometry..

Step 1: Cut Up

cut off drop outs, and the rear wheel tubes..

Step 2: 1st Welding

the first welding is the tubes in a alightly more open angle so the dropouts is lowered 2-3 cm from their original height..

Step 3: Cut Up

cut the top tubes connecting the droputs to the saddle tube..

Step 4: Make New Droputs

the to droputs for the rear wheel a made out of 3mm thick steel plate, remember to make them both accurate and similar. the backdrop droputs are use to tighten the chain moving the rear wheel backwards..

Step 5: 2nd Welding

the dropouts are welded on the lower tubes.
very important the droputs must be be welded in the same hight and angle, or else your rear wheel wont run straight..

Step 6: 3rd Welding - Changing the Fork Angle

the steering angle of the fork is smaller on a trackbike than an roadbike. citybikes are sometimes even more wider and large angels.. but this angle must be smaller but off course not too small otherwise the fornt wheel will be hitting your Pedals/feet when cycling (+..+)

remove the paint and cut up the fron fork tube

Step 7: End of Frame Work..

when done with welding the front tube, try out your new fixie /*0*\