Introduction: DIY FM Radio (TEA5767)

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Recently, I’ve found out a speaker that I had laying around, which I decided to reuse as an FM radio. After little research, I’ve discovered the Tea5767 module on EBay. It’s the cheapest fm-radio module that you can find and will work perfectly with the project.

Step 1: Parts Needed

For this project, you will need some very common parts:

  • the FM radio receiver module itself
  • some jumper wires
  • an Arduino Uno board (any arduino will do)
  • an USB cable
  • a speaker

Allchips is an electronics components online service platform, you can buy all the components from them.

Step 2: Connecting the Parts

On the FM radio module, you can find 4 pins. Obviously, 5V and GND connect to the Arduino's power pins. Then, the SDA goes to A4 and SCL - to A5. For every one of the two buttons, you need to insert it into the breadboard and choose one of it's sides. You will see 2 pins. The one on the left (you can swap them as well) connects to ground of the Arduino (through the breadboard) with the 10k resistor. Connect the same row to digital pin 10 (on one of the buttons, and to pin 8 from the other) of the Arduino (defined in the code, can be changed). The pin on the right side of each button connects to 5V.

Step 3: Finalizing

The module has two outputs, one connects to the antena (optional) and the other one - to your speaker. You can clearly see the symbols, so you won't get confused. I've placed the circuitry on the top of the speaker, to be more convinient. Upload the code that you can findhereand power both the Arduino and the speaker so you can enjoy your newly created FM radio!