Introduction: DIY FNAF Spring Trap Full Costume

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I'm the Proud & Crazy MaMa to 3 Incredible & Crazy Kiddos and a total pro DIY'er, sewing, design, cardboard everything! I just Need to first say, I have a whole new level of respect for those individuals who are into cosplay/making the costumes, all the ideas and designs I found throughout my experience working on this, both Spring Trap and so many others- You are all so incredibly talented and shout out to ya'll. My 7yr old Son decided he wanted to be Spring Trap for Halloween and i decided i was going to make it happen! This was a bit more of a challenge than other things I've designed/made. But def well worth it!


Time, Time, Time! Space/A good work area.
Craft foam/foam mat topper, misc. Fabric + thin craft foam PCs., hot glue and lots and lots of glue sticks, tacky glue, paint, scissors, wire, basic sewing supplies, pencil/sharpie, paper (for planning and sketching) masking tape, cardboard, 2 Halloween party favor eye balls, 2 glow sticks, black pipe cleaners, mesh/FIBA tape, acrylic paint, white interior paint, 3D fabric paint, 1pc under suit/costume and/or long pants & shirt.
*Possibly dangerous and/or Adult Supervision Req'd Supplies*
Exacto Knife, Box Cutter, Scissors, Wire Snips

Step 1: Idea! Lots of Time Looking Up, Researching, Preparing!

First and foremost i must point out that the Spring Trap costume (being cosplay style full head/suit-) this was my first time making something like this and second off- to all of those incredibly talented and You’Nique individuals who do cosplay/cosplay costume design/creating- “You are freaking Awesome! & So Talented,I give it up to ya’ll a million times and more!!”

I spent half the time on my looking up ideas, tips, how to's etc... I did not make mine using any one specific idea or pic, i kind of looked at the ones online i liked and took my own ideas and put em' together (which is how i do a lot of my projects)

As with most, i probably over prepared if you will, drew way more then needed but it's okay have some good pics for the boys' wall now! NOTE: you'll see some pics of Freddy and Marionette as well, my youngest Son was originally going to be Freddy but after the time it took on Spring Trap and my knowing my 3yr old was not going to wear the entire head or suit i did not go all out on his costume, plus last minute i had to change to Foxy because i did not have appropriate matching color fabric to make Freddy's costume. I made a Marionette costume for myself (i'm planning to do a how-to instructable on that next)

Step 2: Preparing/Making Base for Head/Mask..(For the 2nd Time)...& Add Fabric, Foam, Etc.

(Please Note: * represents supplies I used that are either potentially dangerous and/or Require Adult supervision if Needed.)
-Cardboard. -Hot Glue gun + glue sticks.
-Masking/Painter's Tape. -Red/Black wire -Pencil & Sharpie. -Template of Face to trace onto cardboard. *-Exacto Knife
*-Box Cutter Blade. *-Scissors
-Craft Foam
After starting and getting close to finishing my first head/mask, then realizing I was not really all that happy with how it was looking, decided to try and make an entirely new one using a different method/style I had seen online.
I had already drawn a bunch of templates for faces, masks, etc so I traced onto cardboard, cut and out together.
NOTE: I found so many great DIYs online, Step by Steps, etc I kinda went off a number of ideas I found, not just one specific one. The main one I used/looked at when making my 2nd head was off an amazing DIY SpringTrap someone made, I believe the website was AminoApps (the original pic I found was via Pinterest which had link to site)
I put together the pieces using hot glue and masking/painter's tape. After I was somewhat satisfied I went onto make lower jaw piece, again as I Previously stated , I was looking at pics from the site of someone's costume and pretty much winging it to be similar in build to the one on this site. I improvised how I did the jaw attachment, so that I could both change/update later if needed, as well as to make it open & close. His eyes are from Halloween Party Favor eye balls we had leftover from my Son's BDay Party!
Once happy with that I began to apply the foam, using hot glue, as well as seeing a couple spots (once all foam was on & shaped) just to ensure strength I guess :)

Step 3: Paint, Fabric, & Finishing Touches!

After all foam is applied, I added some fabric to a majority of his face/head, painted. (half of which I ended up removing and changing like a day before Halloween) replaced with a couple thin 'craft foam' pcs I got @Dollar Tree and repainted, plus touched up paint on entire head and face. I added some wiring in a few spots, oh yea had to replace teeth (I originally tried Styrofoam squares I cut from takeout type Styrofoam trays- most broke) ended up painting thick cardboard I had w/white interior paint and glued in.

Step 4: Cutting, Fitting, Re-Cutting and Painting Body PCs.

Using craft foam I started cutting and sizing pieces for 'body' Since it's always Cold for our Trick or Treating, the kids' costumes have to be warm. During my lengthy preparation, I had been a stuck on that part, until I had one of my Magyver Martha's Stewart moments, took an old 1pc costume we had (had to add fabric to make a tad bigger) then cut legs off sewed , replaced with a pair of his super warm black sweats, sewed in place.
I painted the individual arm and leg PCs and attached wire between the 3 leg pieces. I was going to attach to the costume but either couldn't figure how how or ran out of time. Lol

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