Introduction: DIY Fairy Bottle (Glow Bottle)

Most of the glow bottles on the Internet are created from commercial glow stick. It is very bright and nice, however, it is not rechargeable.

The video shows you another way to make glow bottle using glow-in-the-dark sand and clear resin.

Clear resin consists of two solutions, commonly named as Solution A and Solution B. The mix ratio is about 2:1, but the actual ratio varies for different brands. The solution is then poured inside a glass bottle, where it is used to glue the glow-in-the-dark sand. The glue-like clear resin will be stiffened completely after dried and the glow bottle is done.

Many people may ask how can I get the glow-in-the-dark sand. I got them from my friend ,who has bought bags of glow sands from China. Therefore, I am sorry to say that I am not sure you can get the exact material in other countries.

Thank you very much!