Introduction: DIY: Falling Leaves Decoration

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Synopsis: Time to jump in the LEAVES! Bring the beauty of the autumn season into your home, just in time for THANKSGIVING with this easy "Falling Leaves Decoration!"








-Gold string


-Different colored fake leaves

-A hot glue gun

(NOTE: All items can be purchased at your local craft store!)

1. Choose a light fixture, preferably over a table, find a place to hang your string and tie a loop. (Unspool the string down to see how long you'd like it to be!)

2. Determine how many leaves you’d like on each string. (I’ve cut 5 strings and will glue 4 leaves on each.)

3. Hot glue the stem of each leaf to the string.

4. Use a pencil to make sure the string is secure and that you don’t burn yourself! (Repeat this step until you have each string completed!)

5. Hang each string using the loops!

This is one easy craft and it really feels like you’re watching the leaves dance in the wind. It’s a creative addition to any table…and PERFECT for the Thanksgiving season.

Until next time loves! XO!

-Amanda (TrendingSeasons)

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