Introduction: DIY Farmhouse Clock

Check out my process to make this massive 38" farmhouse style clock from pallet wood.

Step 1: Begin Frame Construction

Using 4 one by 6 boards (desired size) joint the corners with pocket holes and wood glue.

Step 2: Plane or Sand All Reclaimed Boards

Run each of your pallet boards through the planer. If you do not have a planer, you can achieve the same effect by sanding the boards ( it just takes longer)

Step 3: Attatch Thin Plywood

Attach thin plywood to frame using wood glue and pin nails. This will give you the structure to attach the reclaimed boards to .

Step 4: Attatch Pallet Boards

Attatch pallet boards in desired pattern.

Step 5: Apply Finish

Apply desired finish. In this case i chose the distressed look. Dark stain with white paint on top.

Step 6: Attatch Numbers

Attatch your numbers or markers. You can buy kits, but in this case i made my own.

Step 7: Attatch Clock Mechanism

Attatch the clock parts that come in the kit. Hang in the desired location and you're all set!

Happy Building!