DIY Fashion Notebook

Introduction: DIY Fashion Notebook

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This is my first ever back to school oriented DIY. I've been done with school for a while but I write a lot so I always like to have cute notebooks to put my ideas in. Hope y'all enjoy this DIY! :)

Step 1: Grab Materials

For this DIY, you'll need the following:

-Composition notebooks

-Card stock (colors of your choice) colored printer paper, or even brown craft paper

-Paint (Colors of your choice)

-Paint brushes


-Masking tape

-Washi tape

-Piece of cardboard

-Glue stick


-Contact Paper

-Clear spray sealer

-Mod Podge

-Craft knife

You can use any paper you like for this book. The sky is the limit. Just make sure whatever paper you use isn't too heavy or thick or it won't fold over the inside of your covers. ;)

Step 2: Grab Your Paper

Grab your card stock or whatever you're using and tape the two pieces together. You should have one big piece. Flip it over and tape it to your piece of cardboard.

Step 3: Make Your Design

Now grab your tape and start making a design. I did a test run with this before actually putting this DIY together and I suggest washi tape for this part because masking tape ripped my design after I'd finished painting it. :( I had to touch it up.

Step 4: Paint

Now break out your paint and paint the areas that aren't masked off with the tape. I did an abstract diamond type of design but you can do any design you like. :)

Step 5: Add Your Covers

Carefully peel the tape off your card stock and remove it from the cardboard and glue it to your book.

Step 6: Seal Your Book

Mod Podge over your covers and let them dry, then seal them with clear spray sealer. Add your end papers and washi tape your spine, then enjoy your notebook!

Step 7: Making Book #2

For notebook #2, grab some more paper and repeat step 1.

Step 8: Design the Cover

Cut a piece of clear contact paper and cut it to fit your card stock. Flip it over and draw a design on the paper side. I did circles for this notebook, but you can do any design you want. Just make sure it isn't too intricate.

Step 9: Cut Out the Design

Carefully cut your design out and peel the paper off.

Step 10: Cover Continuation

Smooth the plastic over your card stock, making sure there are no bubbles or puckers.

Step 11: Painting Perfection

Paint inside the shiny area. Make sure you go from the outside in to keep your edges sharp. Let your paint dry.

Step 12: Peeling 101

Carefully peel the plastic off the paper and glue it to the front and back covers of your notebook. Fold the edges over and Mod Podge/seal. Let the Mod Podge and the sealer dry, then add your end papers and some washi tape to the spine. Enjoy your cute notebooks! ;)

Step 13: Rock Your Books!

These will make everyone envious. ;) If you guys make your own versions, I'd love to see them. You can post them to my Twitter page. My handle is @The_CraftyChica :) Thanks for checking this DIY out! Have a fun and safe school year.

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