Introduction: DIY: Father's Day Labels

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Dads. They say the darndest things. So we thought it would be fun to take phrases dads are famous for and create labels that can go on condiments dads are famous for enjoying — like hot sauce, mustard, and barbecue sauce. Pick up his favorites and then download and print our free labels. Present the set on Father’s Day and congratulate yourself on getting him something he might actually use.

Step 1:

  • What you’ll need:
  • Mustard
  • Hot sauce
  • Steak sauce
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Lemon pepper seasoning
  • An inkjet or laser printer
  • Free printable labels*
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush

Step 2:

Begin by removing all the labels from your store-bought jars. Some will be easier to peel off than others, so we recommend soaking the jars in warm water for 20 minutes to help completely remove the label.

Step 3:

Download and print out your labels. Cut them out and paint glue on the back of the label.

Step 4:

Repeat until the set is complete. Easy, right?

Step 5:

* Remember: When you download the file on this page, you agree that they are for personal use only.