Introduction: DIY Feather Earrings

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Have you ever wanted some nice feather earrings, but didn't because of those pesky prices?
Well here you go, make some nice earrings and post in comments!

Step 1: What You Need

1- Feathers, I used a duck from last season, don't give me crap. You can use feathers you bought from Walmart, Ebay, etc.
2- Wire, you should probably use thinner wire than me, It doesn't matter though. I used 18 gauge,
3- Earring like this.
4- Tools- Tin snips, Pliers, Some cutting utensil, (If you use a bird), Vice, hammer.
5- Glue.

Step 2: Cut and Bend.

Cut about 2-3 inches of wire
straighten it out.
Grab end with pliers and bend, try to make the little loop small.
I had regular pliers, so I found that putting it in a vice and hammering it was easier.
Put the earring in the little loop and tighten with pliers.
Look at last picture for info.

Step 3: Glue

Line up with middle of feather and take the cut off piece of wire, then, glue the wire to the feather.
Wait to dry.

Step 4: Done