Introduction: DIY Feather Earrings

Make these trendy, hippy feather earrings in a snap!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Choose two feathers: One should be fatter than the other (Gather four feathers for a pair)
Two beads who's holes are big enough to fit the feather ends
Super Glue
A toothpick
Needle-nose pliers
Jewelry clamps (enhanced at bottom right of image)
And some earring hooks

All of these items can be purchased at WalMart or other superstores

Step 2: Assemblage

A) Using your toothpick, apply superglue to the inside of your bead and thread the feather ends through. The fat feather should rest below the thinner feather
B) Place your jewelry clamp over the ends of the feather (poking out of the bead) with the closed side facing out
C) Using your toothpick, apply superglue to the inside of the clamp, and place your feather ends in the clamp
D) Fasten your clamp with needle-nose pliers and quickly trim the feather ends. You want to be sure the hole on the top of the clamp is clear of any glue/feather

Step 3: Turn Them Into Earrings

You can turn this accessory into pretty much anything at this point. Attach it to a small round hoop to turn it into a necklace or keychain.
But for the sake of this tutorial, grab your earring hooks.
Open the hoop with your pliers.
Thread the hole in the clamp through the hoop (remember to keep your thinner feather facing out)
And close the hoop with your pliers.

Step 4: Flaunt 'em!

Sport these to school,
make them for your friends
or try to sell them!