Introduction: DIY Festool Style Plug-It Power Connectors

Hey everyone my name is jay. This is my first instructable and entry to the fix it contest. It would mean a lot to me if i can get your vote. Thank you in advance.

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One issue with my power tools collection is the amount of cords that is in the way and thus making cable management difficult. A quick research online and i found a few solutions, The most appealing one was by another youtuber named Marius Hornberger.

He used a set of PowerCon True1 connectors made by neutrik to make and inline quick connection but I wondered if a true festool style plug it connection could be made by having a low profile connector directly on the tool. Neutrik does manufacture such connector and this is my attempt.

Step 1: A Little Info on the Connectors

First, A little info on the connectors, The low profile connector is the Neutrik NAC3MPX and the Cable connector is the Neutrik NAC3FX-W... the set have an locking mechanism so the cable will not come loose during use and it can be unplugged under load.

Both connectors are clearly labeled and the data sheet provides the wiring diagram. There are three prongs. The first is L for the Live or black wire, N for the neutral or white wire and the ground symbol for the ground or green wire.

Step 2: Angle Grinder

I started with my angle grinder. Its harbor freight Premium brand and there is only one screw on the back to remove. Once the back cover is removed i trimmed the cabe to a few inches and using a rotary tool with a sanding wheel I proceeded to make the whole wider. Once that was sufficient i did a dry fit of the connecttor and back housing to determine what section of plastic i needed to trim on the tool. I wanted to make sure any plastic removed was not part of the grinders structural integrity.

Using an pair of cutter i took of the bulk of the plastic and finished the rest with the rotary tool. Next I removed the jacket from the wires and started prepping them for soldering. This is not a soldering tutorial but when soldering, flux will make the job a lot easier. In this case i wish i had an helping hand but i had to make due. Maybe that will be a future project.

Once finished Its time to put the tool back together. Its not perfect due to the grinder shape and a portion of yellow is still showing but i did not want to remove too much plastic and ruin the grinder.

Step 3: Makita Trim Router

Next was the Makita trim router. Installing the connector is the same as before, Using my rotary tool the sand the plastic down and constantly checking for fit, it was bit different in this case since there is two halves but its fairly strait forward. wiring was a bit easier on this one since the cable path is bit shorter. Once everything is done its time to put things back together. Its now on camera but i added some hot glue to the connector.

Step 4: Dewalt Table Saw

last but not least is the dewalt table saw. It was by far the easiest to wire. I decided to place the hole for the connector in a new location for an cleaner install, cut the excess cable and solder the connector and added some hot glue to secure it in place.

Step 5: Making the Power Cable

Its time to work on the cable. As i mentioned before the connectors are labeled and even though most of the tools ive modified does not have grounding prongs its a good idea to use a 3 prong for future tools that may require it.

This is the connector layed out. The cord will have to go true part A B and C before it can be connected to part D. I trimmed roughly one quarter inch from the wires. An T-8 torx screw driver is needed to attached the wires. Once finished everything can be twist together.

Step 6: Conclusion

Now its time to test everythig. Everything worked as it should. Off camera i did a few other tools.

In the end the result was not perfect but it will do for now. Thank you for making it this far. I hope it was helpful and worthy of you vote in the fix it contest. Any question you may have leave them bellow. Thank you.

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